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Since 1990, Our founder of S.A.Y. Brothers Building System Pte Ltd have established himself as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of PVC Architectural Products in Singapore and South-East Asia. He and his team travel to many countries taking part in International Building and Construction show in Singapore and Overseas. He share his knowledge on using different PVC Architectural Profile in the Construction Industry. Today , S.A.Y. Brothers Building System Pte Ltd  are also well know of her creation of Floor Chipping Machine and others equipment that are manufacture under the brand name of S.AY. Brothers Singapore.


The building of the minerals museum today was a milestone with more than 31 years by the Lau Family , the founder of S.A.Y Brothers Building System Pte Ltd who have invested for its facility and the minerals specimens. Thousands of minerals on display from classic to rare minerals specimens. The Mission was to share the minerals collection to the people about minerals sciences, the beauty, the arts and their history. Singapore a small island almost no minerals available but todays we have almost collection of the World minerals specimens. Visiting to the minerals museum are only by invitation only as it does not operate in  any  profit interest.



Pioneer since 1996


Singapore Largest Comprehensive Architectural Building Products Company, We Design and Manufacturing.

We Design and Manufacturer

Singapore No 1 Floor Chipping Machine

What is PVC L-strip with Stainless Steel Capping

We Design & Manufacturer WALL PANEL ACCESSORIES

Stainless Steel offer Quality & Lowest Price

Quality Wire-Mesh

The Best Fiber-Mesh to Reduce Wall Crack

Control Joint, Understand the Buffer

SAY PVC Corner Bead Production in our factory.

Quality Shim Plate for leveling and Gaps



In 2018 ,the power of our people is still driving SAY BROTHERS into higher level of pursuing products innovation and its value as well as working harder ahead for future uncertain market condition and its demand believe to continue in 2018.

We are focusing to increasing market share in local and to establish global branding in this year and we hope to achieve better business result compare to 2018. In year 2017, we have achieved good growth then expected in our architectural products segment and hope it maintain the same good results for year 2018.

The major goal in year 2018 in the local market is to provide value added services that meet the needs of our customers.

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With the vision of being the global leading supplier of Architectural building materials supplier and manufacturer, S.A.Y. BROTHERS BUILDING SYSTEM PTE LTD keep working on our products innovation to bring out better quality products for our STAINLESS STEEL ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS . In year 2018, we are pouring more design into the range.  Please contact us



Why SAY self adhesive fibermesh is still the prefer one for our customers in 2017 and believe to continue in 2018. It is not only the price our customers pay less, they also get more then expected from our improved quality. We are always proud to mark our brand on our self-adhesive fibermesh.


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Stainless Steel
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